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Summit Language School in Konakovo was opened in 2008. In our School you can learn different foreign languages although teaching of English language is a major focus of our School.

Professional teachers from English-speaking countries work in our School along with Russian teachers who have worked or studied abroad or have experience working in the similar schools in Moscow. That makes our School unique in our town.

The School is located in a convenient office building at 41 Energetikov St., Konakovo. Our classrooms are sufficiently equipped so teacher can use up-to-date teaching methodology and modern technologies in teaching. There's an interactive whiteboard system which can help to make learning more effective and enjoyable. Our School uses course books of leading British publishers (Oxford, Cambridge etc.).

Our classes are held at convenient for students time (usually from 2:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Monday to Friday).

  • Our School is ready to teach foreign language to students of all ages (children from the age of 6, teenagers and adults) and of all levels of language proficiency (from absolute beginners to advanced).
  • Our School offers vast variety of language courses (English for very young learners, business English, state exams preparation course, colloquial English etc.).
  • There are usually 8-12 students in general classes. Mini-classes (2-4 students) and individual lessons are available as well.
  • Our School organizes theme parties and holiday parties (in English, of course!) where all students are welcome. Students from our partner language school in Klin sometimes pay visits to such parties.

There'll be three highly trained teachers working in our School in 2011-2012. Our teacher can help you to reach your personal goals in studying foreign language and School management is always ready to accommodate your specific needs. Our School employs only the best professionals so you can study in the most efficient and comfortable environment while enjoying learning of foreign language.

Our teacher regularly attend training courses and teachers seminars to improve their teaching skills and keep up-to-date with current teaching techniques that are developed and used in the best language schools throughout the world.

Every prospective student takes an obligatory written and, if necessary, speaking test. Above all it is necessary for the students so they can determine the starting point in learning foreign language. At the end of the academic year the students can compare achieved results to the entrance test and see the progress. Of course, any testing in our School is free.