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I came to Summit Language School in the autumn 2010 when I was in my last year at school.
I needed help to prepare for my future exams and to improve my level of English as I was planning to enter one of the best linguistic universities in our country.
My tutor was Ilya Popov. Our classes were completely in English, which helped me to improve my oral communication skills.
I learned a lot of idiomatic expressions, learned a lot about history, customs and other aspects of life in Great Britain and the USA. We did a lot of tasks which were included in the Unified State Exam.
These tasks were grammar tests, listening comprehension, reading and different types of writing.
I successfully passed my exam with an extremely good result.
Now I am a student of the Moscow State Linguistic University and I'm very grateful to Summit Language School and especially to Ilya for highly interesting classes, for skills which I gained there and which will be undoubtedly useful for me and just for nice, relaxed and comfortable atmosphere.
Tatyana Yakovleva (20 years old).