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Summit Language School offers six levels of English proficiency according to European standards in learning English as a second language. Every level has specific aims in grammar and lexis and is designed to develop all basic skill of a foreign language going from the basis to advanced. Initial testing helps to determine the existing level of language proficiency.
  • Beginner level (60 academic hours/150 academic hours). This is a preliminary stage of studying language that allows students to get accustomed to the communicative methodology while learning the basis of four language skills - reading, writing, speaking and aural comprehension. Students learn most common lexis and basic grammar rules, they get acquainted with English pronunciation and intonation.
  • Elementary (150 academic hours). This course gives students the basis of English grammar (the most used tenses and modal verbs, comparative and superlative adjectives etc.). At the end of this course student can communicate on simple everyday-life topics, understand simple texts in English and read graded literature in English.
  • Pre-Intermediate (150 academic hours). This level has an enhanced degree of English grammar. Students will be able to understand spoken language quite well, to express their opinion on different subjects within somewhat limited vocabulary. They will be able to read simple authentic texts (newspapers, magazines, the Internet) and graded books.
  • Intermediate (150 academic hours). This level deals with more advances grammar (active and passive voice, modal verb in Past tenses, conditionals, reported speech). Students will have vocabulary sufficient for having a fluent conversation on a variety of topics.
  • Upper-Intermediate(150 academic hours). This level allows students speak English fluently in the majority of situation. They'll have vast vocabulary and enhanced grammar, they'll be able to read non-graded literature, to understand variety of authentic media (film, TV news and shows, educational lectures etc.). Upon successful completion of this level students can take a test for FCE - this is an internationally accepted Firs Certificate in English.
  • Advanced (220 academic hours). This level aims to bringing the knowledge of English to the native speaker degree. Students will study in-depth phraseology and collocations, rules for word formation, usage of idioms, advanced grammar etc. After this course student will be ready to take a test for CAE (Certificate in Advanced English).
Each level is a self-contained course that takes the whole academic year. Initial testing will allow us to offer you the most suitable course. Throughout the year students undergo periodic testing that shows students and teachers progress in learning English. At the end of academic year student pass the final test. Upon successful completion of the given course and passing the final test student are given a certificate that states what level and hour many hours they studied.